Surviving the Wait for Interviews #lifeintheinterviewgap

brace-yourselvesIt has been a few weeks since I’ve completed my secondary applications. That’s a total of 15 secondaries each with an average of 5-8 essays each. When discussing my writing with my pre-med advisors and others who helped proofread, each of them kept reminding me that, though I can explain each activity I did beautifully and the passion for what I did was clear in my wording, the most important part was to add a bit of my “why medicine” in each essay. Why am I doing all this, where is the passion coming from, and what qualities do I have that will make me a great physician are essentially what the admissions committee wants to know. (For more Secondary App Advice, Click HERE)

However, now that it’s September and I don’t think I’ll be adding on any more schools to my list, the interview wait has begun. Does that mean I should change my #lifeinthegap to #lifeintheinterviewgap?? I suppose I can keep that as food for thought.

So what’s the timeline I should be expecting? What can I be doing? How do I keep sane for so long?!?! These are all questions I have asked myself and honestly ask every few days.

Timeline: From what I can see, you can expect an interview invite sometime between September-February-ish. It’s unclear when the wait will technically end, but I’m assuming maybe until spring time when most pre-meds start getting acceptance letters. I’ve also read that some schools will string you along just in case a spot opens up.

What can I be doing: DISTRACTING YOURSELF! The past few weeks all I’ve been doing is checking my email and looking at each individual application portal. All I can say about that is how horrible it is for my psychological well-being. Therefore, I have taken a vow to not constantly check my email and advise myself and others to channel all the anxiety into something productive. Perhaps working out…or blogging…or blogging about working out? More articles to come about that!

How to keep sane: Yet to be answered, but what is life without a little insanity anyways!

You’ve worked hard, done your best, dotted your T’s and crossed your I’s…oh wait…

The point is, it’s now out of your hands, the time has come to tough it out and have a little fun because once you get an interview invite I can only imagine the celebratory yells before buckling down again to study up and nail it! For now, simply wait and enjoy the down time.

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– Megan 

#lifeinthegap #lifeasapremed

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