The day I got my first Interview Invite!

20150823_215420-1I woke up on a rainy Friday morning with my cat curled up next to me. After the “I am iron man” alarm ring went off, neither of us wanted to leave the warmth of the sheets. Eventually, I scrambled around for my glasses and hurried to get ready for work. Sad that I couldn’t stay home and enjoy the puddles and heavy rain, I tried to hurry and get on the road early enough to avoid the crazy drivers. (I am Californian after all, and it’s rare it rains a full day!)

Once at the cardiologist office, it was just another Friday at work. Log in to the EHR system, fill out the patient chart, try to guess what the doctor might prescribe the patient before he gets there. Then it’s the rhythm of – chart, patient, chart, patient, chart. Midway through the afternoon, however, there is a lull and I took the time to quickly check my email… and there it sat an INTERVIEW INVITE! My very first one!

So excited I opened it up and read the text quickly at first then again very methodically to make sure I understood correctly. Yes, they wanted to see me and I got to pick the date.

Therefore, on December 1st, I will be at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in the quaint little town of Lewisburg, home to 3000 West Virginians.

For now, I will be accumulating research, practicing med school interview questions, booking a plane ticket, and buying a suit for the big day!

Advice for those waiting for an Interview:
1: Timeline: It took 2 months before I got this interview invite. Within those 2 months, I also got about 5 rejections.
2: Coping with the wait: Just staying busy is not enough. I’ve definitely been struggling emotionally with a line of rejection and feeling like my life isn’t moving forward. So if you’re also in that boat, you’re not alone and it does get better. The pivotal point for me was when I became a volunteer editor for a local grassroots magazine. It gave me deadlines to work toward and something completely different to think about.
3: Preparations: I didn’t want to prep for an interview that might not come, so now I will begin making a school folder with all the info I need to know. (Look for an article to come with what will be inside)
4: Venting: If you ever need to vent about your experience or want advice you can always comment below!!

Good luck out there!

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– Megan 

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