Countdown to Interview at WVSOM

1 week till interview!
Today marks exactly 1 week until I leave for my interview at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM). Where did the time go?! There still so much left on my To-Do list

I have my suit, but I found out the other day that the shoes are a bit
tight. So I’ve been wearing them with my thickest hiking socks to stretch them out. (So far so good!) I will be posting an article soon about interview attire for both genders, so keep an eye out!

Somewhere in my thick skull I hadn’t thought about how pricey plane tickets were from California to Lewisburg, West Virginia. Luckily, I booked my interview after Thanksgiving and bought my plane ticket almost a month in advance. Then there is car rentals and hotel rooms. Some schools will have a program where you can stay with a current med student, but I didn’t see anything for WVSOM. However, there are plenty of reasonably priced hotels within 3 miles of the school! As far as travel goes, I will be flying out the day before so I can get a full night’s rest before the big day and then leave the following afternoon in case there is severe weather. The extra time will also give me some space to explore local scenery and scope out my future life as a WVSOM med student! Lewisburg seems like a super quaint town, with a lot of history and culture. I’m pretty excited!! 🙂 🙂

I’ve looked through their website, but haven’t actually prepped a bio for the school like I want to yet. As far as the actual interview, I’ve practiced some interview questions at a prep session with UC Davis advisers, but I feel like I still don’t know what to expect or what I’m going to say!

OK, well half of that is just my worrying… I’ve been prepping for this for over a year now right?

The format of my interview will be a 30-minute traditional open application interview, campus tour, and 3 situation judgment type scenarios, so that means I have to prepare for quite a few different things.

For a traditional interview, I think I can expect the usual interview questions. The MOST IMPORTANT PART of this will be to know my application inside out! Since this style of interview will be an “open file” that means they have your application right in front of them. They know EVERYTHING. Every comma, every date, every detail.  (This is opposed to a blind interview/closed file.)

For the campus tour, I’ve been looking at their campus map and getting familiar with what building to expect. As there will be a portion of the day where we will be eating lunch with current students, I’ve received advice which I quickly pass on to you that at this point, DON’T EAT ALONE! This can be a sneaky part of the interview where they see how well you get along with the current students. If they like you and you fit in, it means you’ll probably like it there, which is a big golden sticky star on your application.

For the situational judgment scenarios, now I really don’t know what to expect. After talking with advisers and scouring the internet for how to prepare for this, the general consensus is simply BE A GOOD PERSON. React exactly how you would react, hopefully with compassion, adaptability, and resilience. Post interview, I doubt I will be able to tell you the details of what happened behind closed doors, so this is the best it’s probably going to get for now.
It’s crunch time!!

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– Megan 

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