My Time as a Guest Lecturer

lectureA few years ago when I was taking a Zoology class, I had to do a report on adaptations of a unique animal. My partner and I choose the mimic octopus. We had such a thorough and interesting lecture, we were invited to be a guest lecturer at our junior college’s Science Colloquium lecture series. It was an awesome experience!
Now, post graduation and applying to medical school, I write to my old Zoology professor seeing if I can help out in her classroom. It was my favorite class, I got an A, and she wrote me a letter of recommendation, so I was very happy when she invited me to come help with dissections. I was also super stoked that she asked me to be a guest lecturer again at the Science Colloquium!!
This time the subject was a general discussion of pre-med requirements, applications, how to find extra curriculars, and a general ‘what’s out there’ lecture session. (All the reasons I’ve created this blog actually!)
I’ve attached a link to my power point for your viewing pleasure!
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Anyway, giving this lecture reminded me how much I love teaching, answering questions, and generally helping people. I’m starting to think that, if I don’t get into medical school, maybe I’ll become a PA and after some time with medicine turn to teaching science classes. Plus, I still want to write a book!

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– Megan 

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