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Welcome to the Adventures of a Pre-Med! This blog has been in the brain bucket for a while now and is finally in motion. My main goal and entire purpose in writing these articles are to help the fellow pre-med and pre-health community. That being said, please make sure to comment on the articles with questions, concerns, and remarks so we can discuss this challenging world of medicine. I promise to give you the BEST advice I can. 🙂

I do have some credentials for this advice don’t worry! I graduated from the University of California-Davis with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavioral Sciences in 2015 and before that I was actually a transfer student from a community college (yay saving money + smaller classes!). I have been on the board of 3 clubs in college, 2 of which are premed clubs, and 1 that I helped co-found with a friend. I was the Community Service Board member with Pre-Med AMSA where I was a Mentor to underclassmen. Plus, the Vice President of CAHPSA where we focused on health disparities in medicine and talked about the political aspects of medicine especially when it concerns under served communities.

I come from a small rural town in California and a family with little to no connections to the medical field. That being said, choosing medicine was very much an adventure! I went into college solely with a love and burning curiosity for science that combined with my passion for people turned into my dream of becoming a doctor. Though, after some soul searching during my gap year I found that becoming a Physician Assistant is the ideal position for how I want to work with my future patients. I talked to every advisor (some good some…not so good), took some wrong turns, asked A LOT of questions, and compiled heaps of info on what to do and what not to do as a Pre-Med.

Like I said, I want to give advice and help people in every way I can. This blog is how I impart my knowledge to those seeking advice because I always wished this info was there for me when I started out.

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– Megan 

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