Pre-Med/Pre-PA Advice

Welcome Pre-Med and Pre-PA family! This tab is full of articles to sift through and I’m going to keep adding more as we all continue on this crazy adventure. Whether it’s choosing what classes to take, what extracurricular activities to partake in, or how to go about shadowing doctors and PAs, I want to help answer your questions. If there’s something you want to know more about, as always, comment below and I’ll reply and write an article about it so together we can compile the ultimate Pre-Med/Pre-PA advice column!

After starting my journey and realizing I knew nothing about Pre-Med culture I was lucky enough to have a fantastic Anesthesiologist take me under his wing to help me get started. Once I got a solid footing I asked questions and compiled resources (seriously…you should see the big binder of leaflets and handouts I’ve kept!) I started mentoring others through my Pre-Med club.

Pre-Med and Pre-PA life can be daunting at times and a bit cutthroat, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! In the end aren’t doctors/PAs supposed to help others? 🙂

Here are some posts you should take a look at: 

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MCAT Revisited

Training as a Scribe and Other Adventures

Ways to Destress as a Pre-Med – Happy National Doctor Day

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The Secondary Application Roller Coaster

Surviving the Wait for Interviews #lifeintheinterviewgap

The day I got my first Interview Invite!

Countdown to Interview at WVSOM

Adventures at WVSOM: Medical School Interview Edition!

My Time as a Guest Lecturer

Realizing the Dream: Choosing the PA route

The Importance of Volunteer Work (and Giving Yourself Credit)

What to Wear to a PA / Med School Interview (For Women)


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– Megan 

#lifeinthegap #lifeasapremed


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