Med Schools

Trying to make your list of medschools can seem like quite a task, especially if you really don’t know whats out there. I’d like to make it a little bit easier for all of us 🙂 Similar to an MSAR, I compiled a list of medschools and gathering general information from their websites so it’s easier to keep track of where to apply.

Listed is one DO and one MD school as a guide for future research. Keep in mind the application is different for DO than the usual application for MD. (More about that later in a future article) Not only am I collecting the stats to know for admission, but most importantly I’m gathering school mottos, student opinions, teaching philosophies, location, student life, and things you’ll want to keep in mind about the school in general because sometimes it’s not just about the GPA and MCAT requirements.

Things to think about when looking at med schools:

-What type of curriculum is it? Patient based learning?

– Is the focus on research or clinical/community service?

– Private/public school? Instate/out of state?

– What electives are offered? Is there a specialty they focus on?

– How successful are their students at getting good residencies?

– Tuition and Financial Aid packages?

– Scholarships offered?

– Location? Will I have family or extended family nearby for support?

MD school example:  (2016 edition)

UC-Davis (MD)

DO school example: (2016 edition)

University of New England (DO)

As always, if there’s something else you want to see comment below. Happy Reading 🙂

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– Megan 

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